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PT. Valarbi provides certification services with the following category:

1. Independent Certification
2. Certification required by Government of Indonesia As required by Regulation of Indonesian Government, Equipments used in Oil, gas, Geothermal, Petrochemical and Power Generation and all general industries in Indonesia shall be certified by Government prior to operate.

The following is Certification Category as required:

1. Migas Certification (under Directorate of Oil & Gas)

The certification covers equipments and facility operates in the Oil and Gas Industries, except for Boiler Certification
I. SKPP (Individual Equipment Certification)
— — — —I.1. Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Cooler, etc.
— — — —I.2. Pressure Safety Valve (PSV)
— — — —I.3. Storage Tank
III. Welder/Operator Certification

2. DJMBP/Minerabapabum Certification (under General Mining and Geothermal Resources)

The certification covers equipments and facility operates in the general mining and geothermal resources, except for Boiler Certification
I. Facility Worthiness Certification
II. Individual Equipment Certification
— — — —II.1. Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Cooler, etc.
— — — —II.2. Pressure Safety Valve (PSV)
— — — —II.3. Lifting equipment
— — — —II.4. Electrical equipment
— — — —II.5. (Power Generator Unit, Power Transformer Unit, Switchgear and Motor Control Center Unit)
— — — —II.6. Rotating Equipment (Pump & Compressor Unit)
— — — —II.7. Pipeline


IV. Welder/Operator Certification

PT. Valarbi provides a complete range of inspection and expediting services. These services are supported by world wide network of affiliate company with locally based personnel who experienced and qualified in this services.

Our experienced personnel cover all major discipline including:

1. Offshore Engineering
2. Mechanical/Piping/Rotating
3. Electrical/instrument
4. Process & Safety
5. Welding Inspection including NDE (Non Destructive Examination)
6. Material Inspection
7. Coating/Painting

Assignments may be handled on a casual call out or full time basis depending on customer requirements. This assignment covers:

1. Equipments Inspection :
— — — — 1.1. Pressure Vessel, Boiler including burner system, Heat exchanger, coolers, etc.
— — — — 1.2. Compressor Package
— — — — 1.3. Electrical Package
— — — — 1.4. Electrical Equipment (Transformer, switchgear, MCC)
— — — — 1.5. Instruments and Other equipments
— — — — 1.6. Pumps
— — — — 1.7. Generator
— — — — 1.8. Mechanical Package
— — — — 1.9. Hydraulic package
— — — — 1.10.Instruments and other equipments

2. Mill Inspection and Material manufacturing :
— — — — 2.1. Line pipe, casing, flexible pipe
— — — — 2.2. Plate
— — — — 2.3. Fitting including Valve, Elbow, Reducer, Flange, Tee, etc.

3. Other Inspection Services
— — — — 3.1. Pipeline Inspection & Certification


Engineering Content

Manpower Supply

Manpower Supply Content

Material Testing & Laboratory

Material Testing Content


PT. Valarbi provides Engineering / Design Appraisal Services as follow :

1. Onshore and Offshore/Subsea Pipeline

2. Pressure Vessel

3. Storage Tank


PT. Valarbi offers full time secondment and personnel placement for major projects and resource based companies. All personnel are pre screened. Our screening system providing the client reliable personnel who will perform satisfactorily.

Through our international network, we can provide provides :

1. QA/QC and Inspection Personnel

2. Discipline Engineers

3. Project Engineer

4. Construction Management Staff

5. Project Management Staff


Material Testing & Laboratory

PT. Valarbi has capacity for testing with our partner to solve our client problem. Material Testing and Welding Technology is included :

1. Analysis, Testing and Certification of materials and joining methods
2. Qualification of Welding processes and Welders
3. Evaluation of the equivalence to difference Codes and Standards for Material

Other Technical Advisory

PT. Valarbi provides the expertise for advisory services in the following case :

1. Troubleshooting
2. Component Selection
3. Material/Filler Selection for WPS
4. Design Review
5. Secondary Interpretation
6. Technical Investigation
7. Hydrostatic testing procedure, Calculation and sequence
8. Standard Operating Procedure for Crude and Gas transportation, for Migas Approval
9. Other Advisory Services on case by case basis




PT. Valarbi is an inspection and Certification company founded in Indonesia to provide Technical Inspection and Certification services meeting the highest level of excellence to the Oil & Gas, Geothermal, Power generation and Petrochemical industry.

Supported by dynamic and highly qualified professionals graduated from the recognized local and overseas Universities with a good knowledge and professional experiences in the engineering technology, inspection and quality management system.

Today, with over 20 engineers and scientists from abroad range of disciplines, and over 50 field Surveyor/Inspector and technician, the company serves a diverse group of commercial, government, and industrial clients in the Oil & Gas, Geothermal, power generation and Petrochemical industry in both Indonesia area and worldwide range.

PT. Valarbi reputation as a top-quality, professionally honest company is based on its responsive, personal focus on clients and our commitment to put quality beyond the other concern. This Commitment has put us more than one step ahead in achieving Clients satisfaction.

PT. Valarbi provides the appropriate support for each project. Our Services are tailored specifically to each client's need's, ranging from Inspection, Certification and analysis to problem-solving and consulting.


PT. Valarbi as independent company, based on Indonesia and services for worldwide inspection & certification Services.

The industry will be handle of services in the Oil and Gas Industries, Geothermal, Power generation and petrochemical.

The summary of services as follows :

1. Certification Services

2. Inspection & Expediting Services

3. Engineering/Appraisal

4. Manpower Supply

5. Material Testing & Laboratory

6. Other Technical Advisory


We always consistent with the company's strong professional standards and ethics.


For more information you can contact us at :

Valarbi Office Building

Jl. Duren Tiga Selatan No. 10
Jakarta Selatan - 12760

Phone :+6221 799 8141
Fax :+6221 798 7690
Email :
Website :

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